ANC and DA not benefitting from NFP exclusion in KZN

By Michael O’Donovan

The Democratic Alliance and African National Congress do not benefit from the exclusion of National Freedom Party in KwaZulu-Natal in this local government elections.With most votes counted it now seems that the level of support for the IFP in KwaZulu Natal increased from 17% of votes cast in 2011 to 28%.

This increase almost precisely matches the NFP’s decline in vote share.

The NFP was largely eliminated from participating in the election after missing the IEC deadlines to submit candidate lists and pay deposits. In 2011, the NFP obtained just over 11% of the votes cast in KwaZulu-Natal. The results suggest that NFP supporters shifted their support en-mass to the IFP.

This is in contrast to the NFP leadership who advocated that their supporters turn up and vote for the DA. The proportion of votes obtained by both the ANC and the DA since 2011 has remained constant indicating that neither party has benefitted from the exclusion of the NFP.  It also suggests that NFP supporters were not so disillusioned by the electoral process that they chose to abstain from voting.


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