DA maintains control of Langeberg

The Democratic Alliance has retained control of the Langeberg municipality and has even gained significant voter support in the area.

The party secured 50.78% of the votes, gaining it 12 of the 23 contested seats.

In the last local general elections, the party won the municipality with 47.34 % of the votes.

Meanwhile, the African National Congress (ANC) has secured six seats after securing 26.82% of the votes.

Smaller parties such as the PDM, COPE, LIP, ICOSA and the EFF have each won a single seat in the municipal council.

An interesting point to note is that we have seen older but smaller parties continue to lose support in most municipalities but this has not been the case in Langeberg.  COPE for example, secured 4.16% of the votes in this election. The party only had 2.5% in the previous local government elections.

Langeberg, which has a population of just under 100 000 received a clean audit in 2014/15 and has consistently complied with Treasury documentation requirements.

In 2014/15, the AG recorded no irregular or wasteful expenditure although R19.2 million was designated “unauthorised.”




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