Malema vows not to go into coalition with the ANC

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says his party is not open to coalitions with the African National Congress (ANC) or anyone who is not willing to agree with them on the issue of land.

Malema, whose party was formed in 2013, was speaking at a press conference at the IEC Results Operations Centre in Tshwane.

With just over 96% of the votes having been voted, the EFF has 8% of the votes and 512 seats nationwide.

Malema says they accept the results of the elections and congratulates the IEC on running a free and fair election.

He says the EFF  has not yet been approached by any party to go into a coalition, but  they will not go into a coalition with the ANC.

“We don’t want a coalition with the ANC. We want the ANC removed from power. That’s why we participated in the elections. The purpose of the elections was to remove the ANC from power…The ANC would have to do something extra ordinary, to move the EFF from where it is,” says Malema.

Malema also called the Democratic Alliance (DA) a party of white privilege and says whatever coalition will exist between the two parties will do so only if the deal “benefits the African child”.

Malema says if they do not find a favorable coalition, the parties with more seats can call for a re-run or the EFF might abstain but  they will not go into coalitions that will not benefit black Africans.

He rejected his party being called “kingmakers”.

He says EFF councillors who have been voted in are not queens or kings.

“They are servants of the people.”


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