DA coalition talks on-going

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says coalition talks in governing the two big Gauteng metros of Tshwane and Johannesburg are on-going.


The DA is the leading party from the August 3 municipal elections in Tshwane with 43.1% against the  African National Congress’ (ANC) 41.2%, in Johannesburg the ANC secured 44.6 % of the vote and the DA 38.44%.

Chairperson of the DA federal executive, James Selfe says they are talking to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as they are the kingmaker in the two metros.

“We have been in discussions with the EFF, we are at this stage exchanging documentation, but I have no knowledge about how that is going to turn out eventually. My understanding is that as with our executive the EFF is in consultation with their executives, we will see whether we can find commonality,” says Selfe.

Selfe added that the DA is also working with smaller parties to co-govern in the Little Karoo.

“What we have agreed is to give the mayoral positions of Prince Albert, Laainsberg and Central Karoo district municipality to those three community organisations in return for co-governance in those 3 and in Beaufort West.

“Beaufort West is a real mess, we needed to clear it up. As you know there is a controversial ANC mayor in the form of Truman Prince who has been in control for a while. The municipality is effectively bankrupt, services are very badly rundown, infrastructure needs repair and generally speaking we got to roll-up our sleeves and get down to work,” says Selfe.


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