DA expect to be the helm of the country’s richest metro

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is expected to be elected to the helm of the country’s richest metro, City of Johannesburg on Monday.

The DA can trace its roots to a breakaway movement – the Progressive (Federal) Party formed by United Party MPs who broke away after the party voted against returning land to black people in 1959.

The breakthrough came in 1999 when the party, then known as the Democratic Party, under Leadership of Tony Leon launched a new strategy.

The campaign was interpreted as “Fight Blacks”; either way it secured the Democratic Party 9.56% of the national vote.

Surpassing the National Party to become the official opposition in Parliament, it was a turning point for the African National Congress (ANC) too. The ruling party, the ANC secured its first two third majority. 

The year 2000 saw the birth of the Democratic Alliance following a merger with The New National Party and the Federal Alliance.
That same year the party won its first Metro, the City of Cape Town and seven years later, its mayor – Helen Zille, became Party leader.

She then merged the party’s coalition with the Independent Democrats in Cape Town.

Patricia De Lille’s Independent Democrats (ID) was soon swallowed by the DA which made similar attempt with Agang in 2014.

That year saw the party that was often labelled as a white minority party almost take on a different identity. Campaigning took on a new shape from the small town hall manifesto launches to stadium status, to incorporating social media and old school door to door campaigning.

The DA might have only increased its overall voter support by 3% since 2011, but it is the party’s historical ability to draw in small parties that has secured it the thrones in two metros and possibly the third on Monday.



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