No clarity on possible coalitions in Nelson Mandela Bay

The fight for control of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is still on. There were no outright winners in the local 2016 poll.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) attained 46% but still does not have the balance to govern. The African National Congress (ANC) needs 11 seats to regain its control.

“No single party received 50% plus one vote in the metro, in spite of claims to the contrary, there is no winner and therefore the ANC and any other party have to form a coalition government. And there are more than 13 votes out in terms of negotiations for coalition government and therefore both the ANC and any other party has a right to govern this metro subject to the outcomes of those negotiations” says ANC Nelson Mandela Bay Mayoral candidate, Danny Jordaan.

Smaller parties like the Patriotic Alliance are thekingmakers.

“It all depends on what the two bigger parties are going to do and the only thing regarding the bigger parties, is that we are saying to them listen, our people have spoken, comply with our request and we will join with you in a coalition, if not we will go alone and we are happy to go back to voting polls,” says Patriotic Alliance leader Marlon Daniels.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has six seats. And could decide who runs this Metro eventually.

“The EFF do hold a strategic position in the Nelson Mandela Bay, however compared to the example for what’s happening in the Gauteng Metro’s is relatively weaker. If you look at the options that the leading political parties, the DA and the ANC that they have, the DA could foster a coalition where EFF was not a factor but that would be highly risky approach,” says political analyst Ongama Mtimka.

The DA remains tight lipped on possible coalitions. With 57 seats already they only need four seats to govern. The United Democratic Movement’s (UDM) two appear to be in the bag.

Thursday’s council meeting could deliver surprises. Or a re-run of elections if no agreement is reached by August 24.

On Wednesday DA leader Mmusi Maimane is set to give an update on coalition talks, this is likely to shed light on the horse-trading.

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