Moerane unpacks the work of Election observers

Reverend Gift Moerane who has served as a member of the Electoral Commission’s Conflict Management Mediation Panels says the work of the election observer starts three months before the election day.

Speaking on Morning Live he says the work starts immediately after the election date is announced.

Moerane says: “Parties will start to mobilize in order to sensitize their followers while lobbying for votes.That is when the observers get on the ground.”

He says observers will then quietly follow the political parties.

“We attend their rallies, listen to their speeches and check that they are not violating the electoral code of conduct,” says Moerane.

He adds that observers also have one on one discussions with political parties encouraging them not to promote conflict and violence.

“We pre-empt any incidence that can occur and spoil the day of election. So this can not happen on election day.”

“We need to build a rapport with the parties, they must know that we exist.” he adds.

He says they have also been monitoring the “hotspots” areas as tempers are running there because of issues of service delivery.



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