Bad weather likely to impact W Cape voter turnout

Political analyst, Professor Fanie Cloete expects that poor weather conditions may have an impact on certain voters travelling to voting stations.
In the Western Cape cold, windy conditions and more rain is expected to continue for most of the day.
Cloete says that would benefit the Democratic Alliance because their supporters are more middle class and have their own transport.
He says: “The ANC and the EFF supporters are mostly from middle to middle-lower class backgrounds and because they are dependent on public transport, it might be difficult for them.”
Meanwhile, voters are warned that taking a selfie while making your mark during Wednesday’s local government elections might just create problems for you.
The IEC has strict rules prohibiting voters from taking photographs while in the voting stations and booths.
This includes taking selfies or images of the ballot paper.
Further more, IEC rules forbid campaigning and canvassing for votes in close proximity to the stations.
Voters, officials or candidates are also not allowed to attempt to influence or persuade a person to vote for a particular party.
Meanwhile, Western Cape police have increased their numbers throughout the province’s 25 identified hotspots ahead of Wednesday’s elections.
Violent protests and candidate list disputes have been spreading at the Cape Flats and several informal settlements such as Masiphumelele in Fish Hoek and other areas.
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