Independent candidates a disadvantage to opposition parties: analyst

Political analyst, Dr Sethulego Matebesi, has warned that the emergence of independent candidates will give opposition parties a run for their money in next month’s local elections. This comes after the North West recorded 92 independent candidates contesting for the elections. The Greater Taung is topping the list in the province with about 29 independent candidates. Matebesi says the ruling party always has a way of overcoming competition during elections but for opposition parties it will be a rough ride,

“The emergence of independent candidates brings added pressure to all these opposition parties and to win elections in this country you need financial resources to try and persuade people to vote for you. We know that it is what some of the opposition parties are actually lacking. Now we have the presence of independent candidates where they have the support of the local residents, that itself is actually a disadvantage to opposition parties in this country.”


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