Already marked ballot papers found in Pretoria

Two suspected incidents of voter fraud were detected and foiled at ward 10 at Mamelodi, east of Pretoria.

It is alleged an individual was found in possession of several already marked ballot papers. These form part of a number of incidents in the country where people were caught trying to cheat or violating Electoral Act.

African National Congress (ANC) Mamelodi Secretary Silas Moselakgom says he’s satisfied with how the incident was handled.

“No! We’re refusing for it to taint the image of the elections because no, if you want to use more ballot papers it shows that you have already accepted defeat, so you are trying by all means to change your fate, but its unchangeable fate, unfortunately.”

On Tuesday, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) dismissed some of its officials after they failed to follow the rules; including allowing people not registered for special votes to vote and not sealing ballot boxes.


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