SABC to keep track of voting polls

The SABC has developed an election website which has been tracking all news related to Wednesday’s polls. The website also offers election results as well as analysis and opinion.

The SABC News election website, accessible at, offers election-related news and views, along with on-going updates on voting day and the results counting process.

It has categories such as party information, which has all the information about political parties; voter information, which informs the electorate of how voting, counting and seat allocation works for councils; and analysis for insight into election issues.

SABC Digital News Editor, Izak Minnaar, says when the results come out, the website will contain minute by minute news updates.

“But also from when the results start coming in we are going to offer a live results website. The results will be linked directly to the IEC. In addition the SABC has prepared historical data so we can compare it with previous elections. The results will be available not only on the website but it is specifically structured for mobile; and if people watch the SABC TV election broadcast the same results that you see on your mobile and on the web will also be available on television,” says Minnaar.

So the polls close as 7pm, we know for example in this election on average there is just over a thousand voters per voting district

Executive producer at SABC Digital News, Aasra Bramdeo, explains that from when results start coming in on Wednesday evening, these will be reflected on the website.

“So the polls close as 7pm, we know for example in this election on average there is just over a thousand voters per voting district. So we are expecting that some of those smaller voting district should start providing results within the hour by 8 or 8:30 on Wednesday. We are expecting the first results to start coming in, of actual municipalities from midmorning on Thursday,” says Bramdeo.

The SABC has worked with the CSIR to provide early predictions of what final results are likely to look like, and these will be available from quite early.

“The results system works in such a way that as soon as a few results are in, when I say a few results, in the previous elections with as little as 2% or less than 2% of the results being in we were able to provide predictions and analysis around those predictions for our viewers and listeners and users and we’ll be able to do the same thing as soon as the results starts getting released as well,” says Bramdeo.

SABC News is also active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, so updates will be provided on these platforms also.

For all your election news update including results coming in go to the SABC website


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