Msimang confident that non-ANC-bashing campaign will lead him to victory

The Democratic Alliance’s Solly Msimang says the campaign his team ran in Tshwane will help lead them to victory because it was not focused on bashing the ANC.

Msimang, who is the Democratic Alliance (DA) Tshwane Mayoral candidate, was speaking after the party’s walk about at the Results Operations Centre in Tshwane, on Tuesday.

“In Tshwane we have not gone on an ANC bashing exercise. We have been saying what are the issues and what we are going to propose as a solution to the problems that people are facing,” says Msimang.

He ays his party will win the Tshwane Metro after the local elections. He says one of the things they did right with the Tshwane Campaign is, they focused on solutions, not just bashing the ruling party.

“Before we used to do that, but we have changed to not only bash the ANC but we should also say what is alternative,” says Msimang.

Should he win, Msimang says within the first 100 days one of his biggest projects will be making informal settlements more formal.

“What I want to start tackling is formalising the informal settlement. That is something that is very close to my heart. We go into the informal settlement, we open it up, have proper sizable stands and then have water, electricity, sewage system, and proper toilets and then give people title deeds to those pieces of lands. And the we can say, how do I then start building on the stands that we’ve given them,” says Msimang.

The infograph below gives more details about the Tshwane Metro.






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