EFF launches scathing attack on the ANC

By Lerato Matlala and Neo Motloung 

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says the African National Congress (ANC) is a party in crisis. Speaking after a tour at the Independent Electoral Commission’s Results Centre in Pretoria, Malema says took a swipe at the ANC’s Thabo Mbeki visit.

ANC Gauteng mayoral candidates visited the Former President Thabo Mbeki on Tuesday, a day after EFF visited him.

“They can do whatever they want to do, we have made our point yesterday (Tuesday), there is no point to be made today, tomorrow (Wednesday) there are no newspapers. The reality is that it is a holiday tomorrow and a lot of people do not read newspapers on a holiday. They agreed to go see Mbeki and then they backtracked because somebody said to them, you will be following the EFF and they somersaulted, it is an organization in a crisis.”

Malema says he does not understand why the ANC is doing so much to gain support from its member.

“The ANC did not meet President Mbeki; there were three mayors who were expected to show up and only Parks went, as to why Parks went I do not know. He is going for the second time. I don’t know if he did not get what he was looking for in the first meeting, he had to go for the second time and third time, why would you need to an endorsement from your member because your member you should ordinarily know that he will vote for you.”

EFF has been campaigning across the country in an effort to gain support in the 2016 Local Government Elections. This party is taking part in municipal elections for the first time after it was founded in 2013.

“They have run out of ideas, we are killing them. We are setting the agenda they come after us because we are young people full of energy, ideas, we are led by intellectuals and not people who survive through some struggle credentials, we are not relying on history, institutional memory, we are relying on thinking now.”

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