Divisions rise as NFP unclear on which party to support in elections

Divisions are appearing within the National Freedom Party (NFP) over which party to support in Wednesday’s local elections.

The NFP, which has its main presence in KwaZulu-Natal, has been disqualified from the vote due to late payment of its deposit.

The party leadership is in talks with the African National Congress (ANC) in the province about urging NFP supporters to back the ruling party.

However, the NFP in the Edumbe council which it controls with an outright majority has urged its supporters to vote for the Democratic Alliance (DA).

NFP members in other area are opting for the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP).

The party’s Acting National Chairperson, Bheki Gumbi, comments on the leadership’s approach to the ANC.

“That one is under the discussions but the majority chose to negotiate with the party that we have an MOU with. But since this is going to be a different scenario all together that is why discussions need to be undertaken and a final word will come.”


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