The IEC candidate list throws up a number of anomalies

Independent candidates are defined as ward candidates who are not on the Proportional Representation list, however, there are also ten instances where independents are listed on the municipalities PR list for a political party.By Michael O’Donovan

As the political party they represent on the PR list do not have ward candidates standing in the relevant wards,  the only harm is in the candidate being represented as an independent rather than as a member of a political party.

Of greater concern are the 14 instances where candidates are on more than one party PR list. An example of this is Deborah Obiaeri who is number 21 on the African Independent Congress  list for Johannesburg. She is also 25th on the African Peoples Congress list for Johannesburg. More confusingly, she is also the ward candidate for ward 79800110 in Johannesburg for both the African Independent Congress. Ultimately the effect of this is to dilute her ward votes as she will be competing against herself.

Another example is Jacob Watson is second on the PR list of the African Independent Congress for Bitou and second on the list for ICOSA in the same municipality. In Bitou, he is the ICOSA ward councillor in two different wards. Maurice Muthabuli is third on the Pan African Congress of Azania list for Makhado and number 20 on the South African United Party list for the same municipality.

The anomalies are detrimental to the candidates in question. To a greater or lesser extent they end up competing against themselves and diluting their own support. Another negative impact  arises when voters are confused by the split personalities of the candidate and abstain or support another.


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