Limpopo farm residents want improved service delivery

Some farm residents in Limpopo say they expect municipalities to provide basic service like water and health.

Those living and staying at compounds in the Waterpoort area outside Louis Trichardt say councillors should ensure that there are clinics and schools in the farming area.

“The party that wins the local elections should provide water, housing and cemetery because the sometimes the farmers refuse when we bury on the farm which causes delays of the burial as planned. That what we need,” says one farmer.

Meanwhile the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa-TAU SA, Limpopo Regional Manager, Drikus Botha says municipalities cannot build RDP houses on farms.

He says farms are private properties.

“Not on the farms because is private property is impossible for anybody to erect on the farms without concern. When it comes burials there is law saying you cannot bury anywhere where you like. You must get permission to bury on the farm,” says Botha.


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