Zuma lashes out at Maimane for using Mandela name in campaigning

President Jacob Zuma has told the people of Soweto that former President Nelson Mandela abhorred the Democratic Alliance (DA) and its policies despite them wanting to appropriate him.

He was addressing thousands of African National Congress (ANC) supporters at Thokoza Park in Rockville, Soweto on Friday afternoon. Earlier the President led a door-to-door campaign in Meadowlands and Zola to garner enough votes for his party ahead of the August 3rd elections.

He was accompanied by the son of former ANC President Oliver Tambo, Dali and his wife, as well as the Chairperson of the ANC in Gauteng Paul Mashatile and the party’s Joburg Mayoral Candidate Parks Tau.

Meadowlands and Zola residents young and old were jostling to get a glimpse of the ANC’s number one. And during his day-long stay the president visited elderly people in their homes and addressed the Siyanqoba mini rally.

He used the opportunity to lash out at the DA for claiming that it is the only party that champions former President Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Zuma says Madiba saw the DA as a party that only sees black people as voting fodder. He quoted a newspaper article to back up his criticism.

”Mandela lashes out at the DA whom they claim as their leader. This man ( Maimane ) forgets if he wants the veterans, they have them in the DA the likes of Dr Verwoed, Voster, PW Botha and De Klerk. The reporter says former President Mandela labelled the DA as a party and I quote ” party of white and black stooges.” That’s Mandela who said that – which only cared for black voters on the eve of elections. ”

He was scathing of DA leader Mmusi Maimane, accusing him of confusing the DA constituency. Zuma says under Maimane’s leadership the DA has lost its identity.

”That young fellow is confused; he knows no politics, he knows nothing, he is just talking. He is been put there to confuse the DA even more. They don’t know whether they are black or white right now. Now I want this young fellow to know, he still needs to learn politics before he talks. Whenever he opens his mouth he can’t tell us what DA is going to do. All he says: ‘we are going to change; we are going to make change.’ Even a small baby of five years can say that. I pity those young fellows who are there, fortunately many of them they have seen the light and some of them are coming back to the ANC.”

And after his interaction with the people of Soweto, the President was upbeat that the country’s biggest township belongs to the ANC.

”We have a plan for the country and that’s why we believe at a level of municipalities, that’s when people should be more eager to vote because that’s where things happen and that’s the message we are putting across. And we are sure that on August 3rd, people will vote ANC. And I am happy that I have been in Soweto and I think the people here remain the ANC, there is no doubt about that. So I am happy, I am leaving with a very happy heart.”

Meanwhile, the ANC Johannesburg Mayoral candidate Parks Tau says he is confident that he will return to his office after Wednesday’s elections.

“We have been talking to the people of Johannesburg – we have been doing door-to-door. We are confident that the people will go out and vote for the ANC because the people of Soweto, the people of Johannesburg understand that the basis of the experiences of development or the experiences of transformation; that the ANC is on track to build a world class African city and given a further mandate that we will accelerate all these programmes including youth development programmes.”

President Zuma is now heading to the Free State for yet another campaign for the ANC. And on Sunday he will address the party’s Siyanqoba rally at the Ellis Park stadium.




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