N Cape voters have ‘no knowledge of ANC candidates’

Potential voters in the Northern Cape are expected to go to the polls next week, with no knowledge who the African National Congress (ANC) mayoral candidates are.This after the party failed to announce its final candidates list at a conference recently held at Warrenton, as there were allegedly some disagreements.

The Northern Cape remains the only province that has not released their mayoral candidate list.

The ANC in the province recently experienced challenges with its councillor candidates’ list processes.

Community members accused the party of imposing candidates they did not want on them. They took their grievances to Luthuli House for intervention.

Community Member, Mojalefa Sethuntsha says, “We felt that certain leaders or certain candidates were being imposed on the community and that made us to actually approach the leadership of the ANC at national level.”

At this stage, it is still unclear on when the province is going to announce their candidates, as they have already been submitted at Luthuli House.


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