PAC promises to improve lives of Ngqeleni residents

Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) leader, Luthando Mbinda, took his local government election campaign to the rural villages of Ngqeleni in the Eastern Cape.

Mbinda says his party is shocked to learn that there are still mud schools and unfinished RDP houses in the area.

He believes that the PAC will do better, come in the upcoming elections.

“If you look around this area you will see that there are still mud schools yet we know that there was about R5million which was allocated for the building of schools and that money was not spent by the municipality. It had to be taken back by the government.”

Mbinda believes that people in the rural areas deserve better houses to restore their dignity.

He says health issues are prioritised in the PAC manifesto.

“When we speak about health issues, we are saying each and every ward should have a health facility. As it stands now, people walk long distances and some die on their way to the hospital – this is not type of freedom that we have been fighting for.”

PAC supporters have pledged their support for the party and say they will vote for it.


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