ANC remains the party of choice: Tokyo Sexwale

The African National Congress (ANC) veterans Tokyo Sexwale and Mavuso Msimanga say despite the problems the ruling party is facing, it remains the party of choice.

The ANC is bringing out the big wigs, with just over a week before South Africans go to the polls.

The ANC leadership was well-received in Soweto, Johannesburg, with almost everyone they came into contact with, requesting the party’s yellow t-shirts.

Sexwale says it’s very important for people to have councillors or leaders who are incorruptible and people centered.

“We regard all elections as important but the elections are about the people. People will always remain important. It is important for us to continue to show people that the programme around health, education and housing continues but the most important thing is for them to have leadership on the ground. Councillors whom they can trust people who are not corruptible and people who continue to carry the manifesto of the ANC very high and the flag. In the name of leaders like Nelson Mandela. It is important, it is critical but it’s still do or die,” says Sexwale.

The ANC will end its campaigning activities with a national rally in Johannesburg next weekend, three days before the elections.

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