ANC wants Trollip investigated by SAHRC

The African National Congress (ANC) has asked the Human Rights Commission to revisit a ruling, that it will not pursue an investigation into alleged human rights abuses against Democratic Alliance (DA) mayoral candidate for the Nelson Mandela Metro, Athol Trollip.

Trollip had been accused of abuses against workers on the family farm at Bedford in the Eastern Cape about 30 years ago.

The HRC ruled the allegations happened too long ago.

ANC Spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, has denied that the party’s position amounts to cheap electioneering.

“You can’t use discrimination of the people and their suffering for political purposes. We had to appeal to a lot of racist laws. Farmworkers are the most vulnerable. If it was election today or tomorrow, we would still not be silent as the party because we know its history. It could be other people use it for political mileage. There could be several Trollips in the country, who still exploit farmworkers. We must learn from the experience of these people and make sure this never happens again.”

Trollip says the ANC is running scared with local elections less than two weeks away and is relying on racial mobilisation.

“I now urge the commission to conduct a comprehensive investigation in these baseless and defamatory allegations against me, because then the ANC will be shown up for their gutter politics and defamatory lies. I do this because I have nothing to hide. From the onset, the ANC have attempted to discredit the DA’s campaign to win Nelson Mandela Bay by exploiting fellow South Africans in the interest of fabricating defamatory racial accusations. This is because the ANC knows it cannot win Nelson Mandela Bay.”


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