NDP is not a solution to SA’s inequality: EFF

The National Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Dali Mpofu, says the National Development Plan (NDP) is a dead end in finding a solution to South Africa’s crisis of inequality.

Mpofu was speaking at a seminar hosted by the party for professionals in Sandton Johannesburg on Friday night.

Ahead of the local government, the party has been engaging different societal groups to get their input as to how they would like to see new councils governed.

Mpofu says deliberate state-lead intervention as opposed to the liberal approach of the NDP is required.

“If in 2010 to 2013 we had a required growth rate of 5.4 and we have failed to achieve it, it means by now four or five years later that the required growth rate even in relation to the National Development Plan is probably 7 or 8%, which is unachievable.”

He adds, “The governor of the Reserve Bank announced that we are now moving at the rate of 0%, we are facing a major crisis.”


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