EFF to restore the dignity of blacks: Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, on Friday continued with his election campaign in different parts of Limpopo while the EFF National Chairperson was in the Eastern Cape.


In a final push by the Malema he visited several wards in the vast Moletji region. The district is made up of more than 50 villages where infrastructure and service delivery is still a challenge.

“We don’t have water. We don’t even have toilets, they don’t consider us. They have their ways of doing things which you all know. If I am not your relative I will not get a toilet,” says one resident.

Another resident says, “Our children have passed matric but they do not get employed because they are not card carrying members of the African National Congress.”

“Malema didn’t disappoint, he said his party would address villagers concerns and promised more RDP houses with flushing toilets,” says another.

Malema says, “We are here to see the living conditions of our people and to recommit to them that we are here for them. We want to uplift their living conditions. We want to give them water. We want to give them electricity. We want to make sure that they all have proper access roads and we restore the dignity of black people.”

Malema will wrap up his campaign at a religious seminar Friday night.

Meanwhile, the EFF‘s National Chairperson was in the Nelson Mandela Metro. Dali Mpofu went door-to-door in New Brighton.

Mpofu says he is confident that his party will win the hotly contested Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in the upcoming local municipal elections. He says the EFF will focus on the needs of the poor.

“What we are going to do here is to make sure the budget of this municipality must prioritise the people who have nothing and the budget must not be used to deliver in well developed areas as these have been properly developed under apartheid.”

Malema is expected to take his campaign to Sasolburg in the Free State this weekend.

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