ANC’s Kodwa lashes out at DA

African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says statements made by President Jacob Zuma about the Democratic Alliance (DA) during campaigns, only reflect on its history. 


The DA has accused the President of trying to spark racial fears to win his party votes.

During a rally in the Western Cape on Thursday, President Zuma said people must remember that the DA comes from the National Party.

Kodwa says the President cannot be blamed for referring to the DA as a “product of the oppressors.”

“If the President is saying, ‘the DA is a by product of the oppressors,’ he is telling the truth; that is history. Unfortunately, what the DA has done to deny that history … they even went further to reclaim the legacy of people who have departed, like Nelson Mandela, who cannot speak for themselves. History knows where Mandela belonged, but because the DA can’t talk about their own history, it’s bad history. That’s why they must find anything including to poach illegally the people who formed the ANC.”

Kodwa has also lambasted the DA for using the candidates that are related to the ANC stalwarts in its media briefing held earlier on Friday.

“Why can’t they use someone like Mike Waters, the real leaders of the DA, the brains behind the Democratic Alliance. I’m sure black people now realize how much they are valued in the Democratic Alliance, because they are used to mask and cover the real Democratic Alliance. Why use people like the Tshwete family and some of the Cachalia family that have just recently joined the DA; they know nothing about the Democratic Alliance, but because they carry the family struggle credentials.”



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