DA maintains presence in Nelson Mandela Bay

DA leader Mmusi Maimane returned to Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape as the party ramps up its campaign to attract votes in this highly contested metro.

Maimane went to Walmer Township where he launched the DA’s “cities delivering better services” paper.

The DA says it were to be voted into power, it would bring about basic service delivery at grassroots level.

In Walmer township, the bucket toilet system is still prevalent – something the party says it wants to eradicate.

Maimane says, “I am overwhelmed by the people of Nelson Mandela Bay saying to us we are voting for change. The people of Nelson Mandeal Bay are tired of empty promises; tired of unemployment; they are tired of corrupt government, saying change is needed; we need better services.”

Maimane has called for continued support of the DA.

A DA member’s leaking roof was also fixed as part of the visit.

The resident says, “I am so happy. DA has delivered to me. I have been neglected for years and finally, my roof has been fixed. Walmer township is still the same. No service delivery that is happening here; corruption is key here; service delivery is slow. I believe the only party that will take this Walmer and Metro is the DA.”


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