Khoisan Revolution party launches manifesto in Upington

New political party the Khoisan Revolution has unveiled its manifesto in Upington in the Northern Cape.

The party’s focus is on the poor and cultural development. A new player on the political scene, it is taking up the cudgels on behalf of the poor. The party wants informal settlements eradicated and replaced with 3 bedroom homes.

It also wants vacant municipal land to be developed for housing and vacant farms to be made proper use of.

The party says once in power, it will award tenders to local businesses only. Companies will be obliged to employ at least 90 % locals.

“It is pro-poor, because we are the poorest of the poor, but we are living in the richest areas of South Africa but we remain poor and the rich remain richer” says president Stanley Pieterse.

The Khoisan Revolution also envisages changes to municipal policies to promote the use of indigenous languages.

With three weeks to go to the polls, it is confident of a good showing.

“It is not for us about the win, it is a first step in the right direction, and we first want to crawl before we can walk. So we said, ‘let’s get our feet first in to develop our people and from there on, we’ll see to 2019.’”

The party will contest various municipalities in the Western and Northern Cape.


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