Zuma urges Tlokwe residents not to relocate before elections

The African National Congress (ANC) president Jacob Zuma has called on the people of Tlokwe not to relocate until after the local government elections. He made the call on Thursday in Potchefstroom where he took his party’s election campaign.

President Zuma says if people were to relocate to other areas, the address saga and legal battles would repeat.

He addressed the crowd in Sarafina, one of the areas in Tlokwe which is fiercely contested. Zuma addressed them in English, and adding Sesotho here and there, probably for his message to get resonance with those attending.

He started by reminding them that Tlokwe is now known in the Constitutional Court because of the issues around lack of addresses on the voter’s roll. The ANC president however says that was an excuse, and it was not the general community’s wish for the municipality’s name to be dragged to the courts.

Zuma says he doesn’t wish to see the repeat of that mistake.  “We want to be as careful as possible, so that there are no excuses like the ones that were made before. And that’s why we thought it is important to make the point.  We believe, for an example the municipality has taken the correct decision that nobody must move before the election, so that after the elections they can they move, wherein they could then register with the new addresses. If they did now, they could cause the confusion.”

Zuma went on to lash at the other opposition parties, such as the EFF, UDM, COPE and the AIC. He says they do not have capacity and experience to lead. He called on residents to be extra cautious when casting their votes, so that they don’t vote for wrong parties. He has accused the AIC of stealing the ANC votes in 2014.

In 2013, independent candidates successfully argued that people without addresses on the voters’ roll created a vacuum for some parties to steal votes by transporting people to vote in the wrong districts.

Zuma has however called on those who have not received certain services, not to turn against the ANC, saying they are still undoing mistakes of the apartheid system.


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