Opposition parties do not have what it takes to lead SA: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has taken a swipe at leaders of the Congress of the People (COPE) Mosiuoa Lekota, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema and United Democratic Movement (UDM) General Bantu Holomisa, saying their parties do not have what it takes to lead South Africa.

President Zuma was addressing scores of African National Congress (ANC) members in Klerksdorp in the North West. He says this trio were expelled from the ANC for misbehaviour, and their parties were formed from anger, without any political objectives.

Holomisa was expelled from the ANC during Nelson Mandela’s era; Lekota formed COPE after Zuma was elected ANC President , while Malema was expelled from the ANC.

President Zuma says it’s not his mode of operation to attack the opposition, but it had to be said that only the ANC have the capacity, objective and experience to run the country.

He urged ANC members, even those who are sick to vote on August 3, to come out and vote. Zuma says Holomisa and Lekota’s parties are dying a slow death.

He says they are still asking themselves why they chose Lekota as their national chairperson at some point in the ANC.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) was not spared. Zuma says he is surprised that there are some people who still vote for the DA, even though it was formed by parties which represented and promoted apartheid.

“Can’t believe that some people who were oppressed, they voted for an organisation that oppressed them,”

“It is worse for those who were oppressed, by the mother of DA, to even become leaders of DA. They are confused,” President Zuma says.

Zuma says though there have been internal battles within the ruling party; the system used to select councillor candidates was not sinister.

He acknowledges that in some instances the systems may have been manipulated. He says those challenges are being attended to.

“In other parties, they can’t even complain, because there is no system. You are called and told, “you’ll be the councillor, you too will be the councillor”, finished. At least, with us, we don’t say we are holy, yes at times comrades manipulate the system. That is why comrades can point out that this system was manipulated. That’s why we attend to those problems,” says the President.

Zuma was welcomed by loud cheers by members of his party. He has offered an olive branch to those who had left the ANC, complaining about processes within the party, or fighting for positions.


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