Democratic Alliance continues campaign in Mpumalanga, Limpopo

The Democratic Alliance (DA) took its election trail to Mpumalanga and Limpopo.


DA national spokesperson Phumzile Van Dammecampaigned at Limpopo villages while the party’s Mpumalanga team wooed potential voters in Barberton. 

The DA leaders interacted with villagers and also visited a family whose home was gutted by fire. The party donated 20 bags of cement to the family. 

“I feel better now; your visit has comforted me. I’m staying in a tent at the moment. I actually started to look at how my house was badly damaged yesterday. I’m with people to support me, I will rebuild my house. Now bags of cement have been delivered,” says home owner, Jeminah Matjatji. 

“We visited two communities where we found the people living in abject poverty and they do not have toilets. They do not have access to refuse removal; they do not have access to water. Our message is really a simple one, we are not a party that brings lots of big empty promises,” says Van Damme. 

The DA conducted a door-to-door campaign in Mpumalanga. DA provincial leader James Masango says the community deserves more than it is getting.

“The service delivery- that is the biggest problem, for example here in Mjindi the sewage system its flowing all over the place and people don’t have any water,” says Masango.


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