DA condemns removal of its placards in Limpopo

While political parties prepare for the 3rd of August local government elections, some are faced with the challenge of their election posters being removed.


This has seen posters of certain political parties being replaced by those of rival political parties.

Some of the placards and banners are also getting vandalised.

People wearing African National Congress (ANC) t-shirts replaced a Democratic Alliance (DA) placard at Sekororo outside Hoedspruit on Sunday.

The incident happened in the area where Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha was due to give an address at an ANC rally.

DA MP Desiree van der Walt says the incident is a serious offence to her party.

“The DA has in June laid a case against somebody from Elias Motsoaledi. Over the week we’ve also seen a case in Hamalebogo in Blouberg area, where also a lady was taking down DA posters. We will lay a case against every single person who does that,” says van der Walt.

Meanwhile, the ANC in Limpopo has condemned the destruction and removal of posters that belong to various political parties.

ANC Limpopo spokersperson, Aluwani Netshianda says, “As the ANC although we have been a victim of vandalism of our own posters, we do not support actions of any members of any political parties vandalizing posters of any political parties, because we are also a signatory to the IEC code of conduct.”

IEC provincial electoral officer, Nkari Mateta says those who are found to have damaged or removed election posters of rival political parties will face the consequences.

“There is normally a fine in the prohibited conduct. There are prescribed fines you might actually go to jail or might be fined a maximum of R10 000, depending on the seriousness of the offence. Given that is just one poster, I am sure the justice system will still make a determination on the kind of fine that will be suitable for removing one poster of a political party, but we are really quite serious that this matter there is no space for it in our democracy.”

Both ANC and DA say the incidents are holding them back as political organisations.



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