Three weeks to go until LGE 2016

With just three weeks to go until the August 3 poll, political parties are pulling out all the stops to woo voters.

In the Western Cape, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) took to the streets of Philippi on the Cape Flats.

The UDM’s Nqabayomzi Kwankwa says: “They hear on a daily basis that resources are being allocated to the townships and yet we don’t see anything on the ground even in instances when you do see something, what you do see that there’s a lack of quality.”

Elsewhere in Cape Town, the newly formed Democratic Independent Party (DIP) was unveiled.

DIP’s leader, Anwar Adams is not new to politics. Up until last month he was the Pan African  Congress’s (PAC) only city councillor.

Adams says, “The difference with our manifesto is that it doesn’t start from the top down, it starts from the bottom up. What we are saying is in order to build this nation we need to empower and uplift our people. We need to build a unified and dignified nation.”

The PAC also launched its Cape Metro manifesto.

Despite internal squabbles it introduced its mayoral candidate.

PAC mayoral candidate, Kenny Bafo says, “We have been in the space. We have been alive and kicking since 1959 despite the numerous internal challenges we are still consistent in our message. that the dispossessed must still get their land back.”

The Freedom Front Plus (FFPlus) took its door to door campaign to Stilfontein in the North West.

The party says security in the mining sector must be prioritised to avert further job losses.

FFPlus leader, Pieter Mulder says, “If you can repair the infrastructure immediately people will come in for investment and create jobs and the situation will get better for our people around here but first we have to vote and win then FFPlus will help to do that without the opposition party.”

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) was on a campaign trail in the Eastern Cape.

EFF leader, Julius Malema addressed a rally at rotary stadium in Mthatha.

He urged community members to vote for change in the upcoming municipal elections.

Malema urged residents to look at their living conditions and ask themselves on whether they have benefited from the fruits of the freedom their fathers fought for.

“Ask yourself did Nelson Mandela go to jail for you to get an outside toilet, was this man so ready to die so that I can get a pit toilet?, Mandela would have never been prepared to die for a pit toilet outside, Mandela would have not been prepared to die for a match box called a house, ask yourself questions, why where people so ready to die, was this what people died for, was this why Steve Biko was killed, Robert Sobukwe killed, Chris Hani killed for, all of that compare the struggle to what you have now, then you will have an answer, once you answer yourself no one can defeat you with a yellow t-shirt.”



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