N West disgruntled party members form new party ahead of elections

Disgruntled members of political parties in Ngaka Modiri Molema municipality in the North West say they have resorted to form a new party to contest upcoming local government elections.

This new political formation called A re Ageng Afrika (Let’s build Africa) came about after concerns by their communities were not allegedly taken into consideration by the ruling party.

Independent candidates and former members of political parties, including former mayors and some councillors at Ramotshere Moiloa Municipality formed the new political party.

Former African National Congress (ANC) councillor at Ramotshere Moiloa Municipality Michael Megalane says, “We have decided that as Bahurutshe tribe we should be known. We should be recognised by the world, we should be recognised by the ANC more so our fathers fought for freedom. We want to be recognised by the ruling party because this party does not recognise us Bahurutshe as freedom fighters; therefore we are reclaiming our freedom.”

Meanwhile, the new party has joined  forces with the newly formed National Forum for service delivery which is registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to  serve as an umbrella body for  the independent candidates.

National spokesperson for the Forum Katlego Motlagodisa says, “Forum for service delivery has been formed after  research was done in 2014, looking into the fact that Independent candidates are not unified, they do not have any platform or any organisation supporting them. So we have registered with IEC in terms of Act 15 of 1996 so that we can participate on local government elections to assist these independent candidates.”

There is always a mushrooming of small political parties prior to elections to compete with established political parties and such parties normally disappear immediately after the elections.

According to Political Analyst Dr Sethulego Matebesi, most of these independents candidates or new political parties don’t have a sound financial muscle.

“It is a very serious concern because we should remember that maybe these political leaders are civil activists at local level even way before the elections. They perhaps feel that they also have the opportunity to make it to the local council. Perhaps they can make a better case for the advancement of the concerns of that particular community. But we have seen that these individuals whether they are independent candidates or they form a political party. They are competing against traditional established political parties. It is extremely difficult because we also know that the seats available at these municipalities are so small that at the end of the day some of them cannot even make it to the council and that is why we see a high number of these parties immediately after elections they disappear from a political landscape.”

The members of A re Ageng Afrika will be competing for seats in five municipalities in Ngaka Modiri Molema District municipality and is adamant that they will win.


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