Debate continues over DA’s use of Madiba’s voice

Debate continues to rage over the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) use of Nelson Mandela’s voice in an election advertisement broadcast on YouTube.

Madiba’s grandson, Chief Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, earlier condemned the ad and said the DA should have used the voices of Tony Leon and Helen Zille.

The DA said in response that the iconic former president belonged to all South Africans.

AbaThembu Royal family spokesperson Mfundo Mtirara has come out in support of Mandla Mandela’s position.

“Madiba was never a member of the DA , again Madiba was a member of the ANC and there is no way that the DA can use that and cannot drag Madiba to public politics again.”

Mtirara adds, “We agree that Madiba was an icon, international figure, South African figure and everybody wants to be associated with Madiba because of his values but this is a party politics the main intention is to convince the voters to vote for them so they cannot drag Madiba’s name to that.”


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