Maimane on campaign trail in Nelson Mandela Bay

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane was hot on the campaign trail again in Nelson Mandela Bay. Following on his visit to the city last week, on Monday he concentrated his efforts in the Motherwell area. 


The DA believes Motherwell to be an important stop on the campaign trail. They say the area has been neglected by the African National Congress (ANC). 

Certain parts are still using the bucket system, roads are in a bad condition and public transport is virtually non-existent.

“They have long forgotten about the people of Motherwell. Instead they have built houses without toilets, or toilets without houses. We are here to say we want to bring change. That change must bring houses that can stand, houses that bring dignity to our people, houses that ensure that everybody who are beneficiaries of houses are able to get title deeds. We are also here to say this must be a hub of a place where jobs are created.”

The lack of houses and the poor state of existing houses was a hot topic for the Maimane. He says there are over 40 000 houses in Nelson Mandela Bay that need to be fixed or rebuilt completely.

Maimane called on the people of the area to use their vote to give the DA a chance. 

On concerns expressed by the Nelson Mandela family about Madiba’s name is being used in campaigning, Maimane says Mandela stood for a non-racial South Africa and it’s DA’s aim to bring people from all walks of life together.

“Therefore there is nothing that is wrong about being able to celebrate that. To be able to say this is the future we want to see. That is what we are communicating, and I really believe that it is the time for South Africans.  While other political parties are calling Nelson Mandela a sell-out, while other parties are betraying his legacy – we will stand up and fight for it, and ensure that  South Africans stands for his values and goes forward. And therefore I invite all South Africans to stand for those values of freedom, fairness and opportunity.”


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