NFP out of local government elections: IEC

The Independent Electoral Commission has confirmed that the NFP is out of the August 3 local government elections, after the Electoral Court dismissed its application for a review.


The NFP was earlier disqualified for missing the deadline to pay its deposit.  It then applied to the court for condonement, citing human error.

IEC spokesperson Kate Bapela says: “The Electoral Court has dismissed the matter of NFP so therefore we have to proceed as the electoral commission with the printing of the ballot papers as you may be aware that already August 3 is upon us and on the 1 and 2 August we already start with special voting. That does allow us much time so we have to make sure we are not compromising the printing of ballot papers.”

Meanwhile, NFP NEC member Ahmed Shaik-Emam says they are consulting their lawyers about a possible approach to the Constitutional Court.

The NFP earlier downplayed a report that the IEC had confirmed its earlier decision to disqualify the party from contesting the August 3 polls over failure to pay its deposit on time.

Shaik-Emam says NFP members to blame for the late payment will be suspended.


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