Patriotic Alliance not a coloureds only party: McKenzie

Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie says his party recruits members from all races.

He was speaking in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape where he launched the party’s manifesto.

McKenzie reiterated that the PA was not a coloureds only party.

He says their main objective is to ensure that neither the Democratic Alliance (DA) nor the African National Congress (ANC) gets 50% of the vote in the polls next month.

McKenzie has announced Beverly Stephens, a white female as their mayoral candidate in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro.

“I first see a woman before I see a white and for us you now we have been accused of being a coloured party yet we have a Indian mayor, we have a white mayor and then we have three other coloured mayors. It shows you how colourful we really are and how this country needs to move very fast and very quick if we still want this country to prosper and call it a new South Africa.”

Stephens says she is ready to bring about change.

“I definitely feel that we are making a difference as a party and I have been doing this for five years in the community and I know we will definitely make a difference”


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