DA slams ANC for Tshwane violence

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) mayoral candidate in the Tshwane region, Solly Msimanga, has accused African National Congress (ANC) members of causing violent disruptions in Tshwane more than a week ago.


Msimanga says the DA is determined to get Tshwane in the upcoming local government elections.

“The communities themselves were not actually being violent. It was the ANC people who needed to hear from their leaders, and therefore we are going to be holding the ANC’s leaders into account when election day comes. When they lose they have to be sure there is a smooth transition and hand over of power from one government to the other. We need to ensure that those leaders are there in the forefront to say that democracy is the winner at the end of the day and therefore you can, without resorting to violence, hand over power in a peaceful and matured manner.”

Msimanga was speaking after the South African Communist Party (SACP) suspended another five of its senior members for their alleged role in the violent protests that rocked the greater Tshwane Metro.

This brings the total number of party leaders that are facing disciplinary action following the protests to 10 people. Five people were killed and more than 300 others have been arrested.

The ANC’s confirmation of Thoko Didiza as its Tshwane mayoral candidate is believed to have triggered the protests.

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