People happy with ANC track record of delivery: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma says he is confident the African National Congress (ANC) will win all the sub-regions in the Abaqulusi municipality.

He was speaking during an ANC election campaign in Mondlo, Vryheid and Dumbe on Friday.

Zuma says he is happy at the response he got during his election campaign in Vryheid and the surrounding areas. He says people are excited about voting and happy at the ANC track record of delivery.

Out of five sub-regions in the municipality, the governing party is currently co-governing three sub-regions with the National Freedom Party (NFP) while the other two are governed by the NFP only.

Zuma and his entourage received a thunderous welcome in Mondlo, a small semi- urban area outside Vryheid.

Here residents are complaining about lack of basic services and unemployment and the ANC wants an outright win to deliver on all the challenges facing this community.

The ANC pulled out all the stops deploying its president to woo votes in this part of the country.

After a long day of door-to-door campaigning, interacting with taxi and bus commuters and addressing a mini rally President Zuma was upbeat that his call to vote for the ANC has found resonance amongst his audience.

The residents were visibly happy to see the president with some of them saying come August 3 they will exercise their right to vote.

On Sunday President Zuma will be in the Northern Cape leading another election campaign trail.


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