ANC barred IFP members from attending manifesto launch

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) president, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has accused African National Congress (ANC) members of preventing IFP supporters from attending the party’s manifesto launch in Cape Town.


Buthelezi was addressing IFP supporters in the Western Cape, where he asked them to give the party a chance in the region. He said busloads of supporters from the Cape Flats were not allowed onto their bus by ANC members.

Currently the IFP has no representatives at local government level in the Western Cape. That is something Buthelezi wants to change. “It is always good to be with the people of Cape Town. There is a spirit of goodwill here that is quite unique and it never fails to encourage me. No matter what hardship you face, there is always an enduring sense of hope.”

The party’s candidates were introduced on Friday and signed a pledge with the communities they intend to serve. Buthelezi says he is pleased by the growing presence of the IFP in the region. However, according to him, not everyone is as happy.

“As we were boarding busses to come to this event, ANC supporters in Drift Sands and Green Park acted in a most undemocratic fashion. They intimidated our people preventing them from boarding the busses. This kind of behaviour is against the code of conduct.”

The ANC in the region says it is not aware of this. ANC’s Mayoral candidate in Cape Town Xolani Sotashe says, “No such incident has been reported to us. I do plan to do investigations into it. ANC members are very disciplined.”

Sotashe says he will speak to the provincial leadership for more information on the incide


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