Freedom Front Plus aims to continue focussing on minorities

Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder says the party’s performance in the Local Government Elections has been improving since 1994.  He, however, adds that the improvement has not been enough.

According to Mulder the party will continue focussing on ensuring that issues affecting minorities are addressed.

“We say that our focus is minorities and South Africa is 54 million individuals but also a lot of groups and minorities. We feel that minorities are not looked after at the moment so surely we reach out to minorities.”

He adds: “Today you will see the Khoi and San people here; we have got good relations with them, as minorities that feel that there are problems.  It is an important part of the South African reality that those issues must also be addressed because those people feel estranged, oppressed in a certain sense and this is one way of to give them a voice.” Click below for more on the story: 



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