Merging of Tlokwe, Ventersdorp not a strategy to get more votes

The Mayor of Tlokwe says the merging of the municipality and Ventersdorp is not a strategy to garner more votes for the African National Congress (ANC). Kgotso Khumalo was speaking during an election debate between five parties in Potchefstroom.


Residents from both municipalities have staged violent protests against the merger.

Khumalo says he’s confident the ANC will win the August 3 municipal poll. “The people of Ventersdorp, all of them are being brought together just because they are going to vote for ANC. That’s a wrong assumption. The ANC will win this municipality with or without Ventersdorp. That must be understood. We must be very clear, it will win it.”

Meanwhile, The Democratic Alliance (DA) has accused the African National Congress (ANC) of leading the country astray.

The DA’s Neil Coetzee made the comments during an election debate between five parties in Potchefstroom.

Coetzee says the current ANC is nothing like that of the party ruled by Nelson Mandela.

“South Africa has made significant progress in many ways since 1994 but the ANC has changed. It is no longer the party of Nelson Mandela. It’s taken South Africa in a wrong direction and we believe we can move South Africa forward again.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said in the debate that the ANC had turned South Africa into an ‘Animal Farm’. Party representative Bomba Matinyane says the ruling party is running the country according to its own terms.

“The ANC is turning this country into the Animal farm where we are all equal animals but there are those that are more equal than others. Now, the snowballs, the pigs are running the show in a manner that suite them.”

Congress of the People’s (COPE) Kenneth Maduna says the ANC uses food parcels to attract voters.

“I believe the ANC has always been using tricks to lead voters by way of food parcels. So, we believe they are still going to try those tricks but this time around they won’t succeed. People are smarter, the people will not give into these tricks.”


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