PAC leadership battle could go to trial

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) leadership battle could go to trial if the faction led by Letlapa Mphahlele has its way.


The North Gauteng High Court heard Mphahlele’s application for leave to appeal a recent ruling which endorsed Luthando Mbinda as the legitimate President of the liberation movement.

As a result, the squabbles prevented the party from making a submission to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). They were finally booted out of this year’s municipal elections.

The IEC requested the party to present a court order confirming the legitimacy of its current leadership, but it missed the deadline.

The leader of the PAC, Luthando Mbinda, has defied the IEC by insisting that the party will contest the local government elections.

It was tense in the public gallery. At a glance it was unclear, who belongs to which faction.

Even more strange councils for both sides introducing themselves as “standing for the PAC my lord”.

Judge Tati Makgoka had instructed the IEC to only communicate with Mbinda’s faction.

Mphahlele’s council is disputing the order saying the leadership battle can only be resolved through a trial.

The divisions in the PAC clearly run deep. While the court is looking at the leadership battle, another battle is playing out at the Vereeniging Magistrates Court, a case of common assault against a member of one faction.


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