PAC leader challenges IEC orders

The leader of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), Luthando Mbinda, has defied the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) by insisting that the party will contest the local government elections on August 3.

The IEC announced last weekend that the PAC would be excluded from the vote because it had failed to comply with requirements set out by the electoral body.

The party was requested to present a court order confirming the legitimacy of its current leadership collective, but missed the deadline.

There will be no election if the PAC is not allowed to participate

However, Mbinda has taken a defiant tone at his party’s provincial manifesto launch in Khayelitsha, saying there is no reason for them not to contest the elections.

“The IEC requested another order about leadership. We told them to go to hell. It wasn’t necessary.”

Mbinda confirmed that the PAC is ready to take the IEC to court.

“If it comes to a push and the matter goes to the Con court (Constitutional Court), we are prepared to fight. There will be no election if the PAC is not allowed to participate, it must be clear, there will be no election in this country if PAC does not participate in next LGE.”


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