PAC won’t contest in upcoming local govt elections

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) will not be contesting the August 3 local government elections. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says the party has failed to comply with requirements it had set out for their participation.


The party was requested to present a court order confirming who the legitimate leader of the party is, but missed the deadline set for last week.

The PAC’s long standing leadership squabbles have now come back to haunt them. They have been in and out of court fighting each other over who is the rightful leader of the organisation.

The IEC gave PAC until June 8 to present them with court papers confirming the current party leadership. But they failed to meet the deadline.

IEC’s deputy chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo says, “The commission had agreed to provisionally accept nominations from one of the grouping led by Mbinda and Moloto, but that was conditional upon them giving us a court order related to the execution of an order that was issue by justice Makgoka of the Gauteng High Court. That has not transpired and the commission decided not to process the candidate’s submissions; and both groupings were notified of that decision on Tuesday.”

When asked whether this marks the end of the road for the PAC to contests the 2016 local government elections Mmabalolo responded. “We cannot keep the nomination process open in perpetuity, there has to come a cut-off point and the commission had given them until the eighth of June and nothing came through on that day. So that’s where we are.”

However, PAC secretary general Narius Moloto has come out guns blazing accusing the IEC of preventing his party from contesting elections.

“They have been attempting, even before now. You would remember that they have removed the PAC from the ballot some time ago. They have put their face into the way of the PAC. If the IEC continue to behave the way they are behaving we shall no option but to approach the constitutional court to have the elections for local government postponed to afford the PAC an opportunity to participate. The PAC has been seriously disadvantaged by some individuals in the IEC who have made it their business to fight the PAC using that institution,” says Moloto.

At the same time the other faction of the PAC has accused Moloto and his executive of undermining efforts to unite the party through a dialogue.

The group’s spokesperson Apa Pooe says they are proceeding with an appeal against Judge Makgoka’s ruling which confirmed Moloto’s faction as the leaders of the party.

“Immediately after our appeal of the judgement, we then initiated a meeting where we invited the group as led by Moloto and Mbinda in pursuant of trying to united the PAC but the rejected that. Further than that we tried to involve the PAC elders in trying to have a solution around this towards ensuring that the PAC does register for the elections but that was also rejected. As matters stand now we are having an appeal hearing that is going to be heard on the 17th and after that our focus will be on rebuilding the PAC since the PAC is not registered for elections.”

Meanwhile, the PAC says it’s forging ahead with preparations for the elections. This is despite the IEC saying they have already finished interrogating lists submitted by political parties.

Notices of non-compliance have been issued and parties have until Monday to ensure that candidates are compliant. This will be the first election the 57-year-old liberation party is not participating in.

They however have been in decline in recent times managing to get only one seat in parliament in the 2014 elections.

The PAC was founded by anti-Apartheid hero Mangaliso Sobukwe who broke away from the African National Congress.


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