W Cape ANC to meet disgruntled Khayelitsha members

The African National Congress (ANC) leadership of the Cape Metro Dullah Omar Region will be meeting with the Kuyasa community in Khayelitsha on Saturday in an effort to resolve discontent over party candidate lists.

The past three months, disgruntled ANC members of Kuyasa have been vociferous over issues of demarcation and the nomination of councillors.

The disgruntled ANC members are from wards 95 and 97 in Kuyasa.

Meanwhile, another group of disgruntled ANC supporters are protesting in Khayelitsha over candidate lists at the Greenpoint White Hall in ward 93.

They allege their preferred candidate was removed at the last minute and replaced by someone else.

One of the protesters, Sisanda Nyawula, says they want an explanation from the ANC Western Cape leadership.

“They said that they will get back to us between Wednesday and Thursday, when we called them they said that the person was removed and replaced.”


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