ANC N West members to contest elections as independent candidates

The recent registration of African National Congress (ANC) members as independent candidates in the forth coming elections in North-West has become a thorn in the flesh of the ruling party.


These include incumbent councillors and big-fish who will be contesting along the candidate lists of the ruling party during August 3rd contest.

The majority have registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) under the new Forum 4 Service Delivery. This is after some of them were reportedly left out from the ANC list despite being the favourite candidates of their communities.

Thirty political parties are to contest in the August municipal polls. The IEC in the province says ninety independent candidates have also registered.

The high number is attributed to the dissatisfaction amongst ANC members on how the party’s list process was handled. Some members accused the leadership to have removed candidates preferred by communities, and replaced by those aligned to them.

ANC Provincial Secretary, Dakota Legoete, says this matter will be investigated beyond the elections. “We are aware about those allegations. We are aware that people raised disputes. People raised appeals that they are the actual and legitimate candidates. What we can say to all those who are aggrieved is that the ANC will come back to you, we will make our own investigations. In an instance where we find that wrong candidate is registered we would have to obviously request that candidate to give way to the legit who was wanted by the community.”

Legoete says his party is also worried about its current serving councillors and former members who will be contesting the elections as independent candidates.

He says, “Indeed I must be honest with you, as the ANC we are concerned with this development of some of our former members registering independent candidates under the service delivery forum. These elections are going to be difficult, we are conscious that there are new players at play who are also eating at the support base of the ANC. We are also aware that these particular independent candidates, they are also going to eat on the support base of the ANC.”

Independent Candidates will be contesting elections in all the four regions within the province. In Rustenburg municipality, independent candidates have registered to contest elections in all the 45 municipal wards under the umbrella of forum 4 service delivery.

Spokesperson for the forum in Rustenburg area, Pogiso Bothomane says, “We were overcome by the processes of the ANC where people who were elected by the community from the ANC processes were removed by the flawed Bojanala regional conferences. We then registered as the Forum 4 Service Delivery. We are contesting the elections on the August 3 we are contesting all the 45 wards.”

A political Analyst from the North West University, Professor Andre Duvenhage, says, “It is clear that we are looking at a revolt within the ANC against the ANC and the result is a huge increase in independent candidates and also new groupings coming from civil society making the environment a lot more complicated and a lot more difficult. I have no doubt it’s definitely going to be a highly contestation,” says Duvenhage.

Meanwhile the IEC is expected to formally pronounce on Monday, on all the names of candidates who will be contesting the coming elections.


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