EFF promises to build health care centres, creches in Sasolburg

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy president, Floyd Shivambu, says his party will focus on building health care centres and government-run crèches in each municipal ward.


Addressing hundreds of Zamdela residents in Sasolburg in the northern Free State as part of the EFF’s municipal election campaign, Shivambu says this will not only improve service delivery but also create job opportunities.

Zamdela residents have in recent years participated in violent protests over poor service delivery and corruption in the Metsimaholo Municipality.

Sasolburg is known to be an area with service delivery challenges. These range from some informal settlements not having ablution facilities to some clinics not being open around the clock.

Zamdela residents have often opted to take to the streets in violent protests accusing the local municipality of being corrupt. They believe the corruption is hindering effective service delivery.  I’m expecting them to give us changes like giving us jobs a good education, electricity, I’m sitting at home I don’t go to school.

Shivambu says his new government would work at correcting the ills of the current local government.

“A job is the most important thing that we focus on. We’re going to do that – we’re not just making empty promises. And part of the job creation is building community health care centres in each and every ward. People of that ward will be trained and employed to work in that health centre. We will open crèches in each ward and the people will work in those crèches,” says Shivambu.

Some residents say a change in the leadership of their local municipality could help improve service delivery. Those attending the community meeting believe the current leadership of the Metsimaholo Municipality is corrupt.

“I’m expecting them to give us changes like giving us jobs a good education, electricity, I’m sitting at home I don’t go to school. People are talking about tenders given to friends of comrades, clinics not opening 24 hours and EFF is promising that all those issues will be sorted,” says one resident.

Shivambu says corruption will be a thing of the past when the Mestimaholo Municipality is under the leadership of the EFF.

“What is the current system has not worked. The tender system has not worked – it has just created few people who are rich. And then they go around calling themselves businessmen. When they are not businessmen – they are conveyer belts of corruption. We are going to stop the corruption by stopping tenders,” says Shivambu.


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