SACP meeting set to iron out grievances with ANC

The South African Communist Party (SACP) says it will meet with African National Congress (ANC) top leadership on Monday afternoon to discuss its grievances with the ruling party.

Speaking on SAfm, SACP spokesperson Jeremy Cronin, says that the turmoil within the ANC such as factionalism is very concerning to the SACP.

Recently, the SACP has clashed with the ANC over a decision to drop an internal investigation over claims of state capture by the Gupta family.

The SACP has dismissed the process as a whitewash and called on the ruling party to widen the probe.

Cronin says the list selection process for the upcoming local government elections is also a concern.

“There’s considerable turmoil within the ANC itself and most of us are also ANC members and it’s something that concerns us very much as the SACP that there is this high level of factionalism. There are many problems in the list selection process which President Jacob Zuma himself referred to on Saturday at the rally, but in many other places there are serious problems and the ANC has been the first to admit it.”

Cronin says while the SACP is an independent party, it remains committed to its long standing alliance with the ANC.


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