Zuma calls for unity ahead of August election

President Jacob Zuma delivered his key note address at the Mbombela Stadium,  as the ANC Mpumalanga launched its election manifesto on Sunday.

Zuma called for unity ahead of the elections and said elected ANC councillors will be held accountable for every decision they take in the running of local municipalities.

In his address Zuma has sought to secure support from the black middle class, saying the ANC values their contribution to the development of the country.

Zuma says “Let me emphasise that the ANC needs the wisdom and skills of the black intelligentsia in Gauteng.  We will work with all our black professionals to take transformation forward to ensure that the de-racialisation of the economy becomes a reality.

“We are working hard with the business sector to make sure that all citizens enjoy the fruit of our growing economy. We know that many people are without jobs, young people sit at home with nothing to do. We are trying our level best to better the situation,” he added.

He also highlighted some of the party’s milestones saying it’s increased the number of households with access to pipe water and those receiving free basic services.

The president also took a swipe at opposition parties saying they haven’t offered South Africa any alternative solutions.


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