EFF promises to change status quo of Orania

The EFF has promised to change the status quo at the whites only town of Orania should they win the local government polls at Thembelihle Municipality.

Residents of Orania will have their own internal elections on August third, at the whites’ only town in the Northern Cape. The people of Orania will elect their representative council made up of twelve members.

Orania Movement leader, Carol Boshoff says, “Nobody is prevented from participating in the local government elections in Orania but it’s not popular amongst our people. Whilst at the same time on the same day we do elect our own internal council as well. We have some sort of constructive co-existence, we do not want to fight Thembelihle or tear down its council and they do not want that for us up to now, in actual fact.”

The town’s Mayor, Danny Jonas, who is an EFF candidate says the whites’ only enclave might cease to exist after the elections. Currently the town receives no services from the municipality following an agreement in 2000 through a legal framework known as share block under South African law.

Jonas says, “When we take over as the EFF, we need to sit down , we need government intervention to see this issue of Orania. Because you can’t have a Broerestaad in an area like Thembelihle or South Africa. We now have two councils and two mayors. We must work towards being one municipality and not two municipalities.”


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